I'm Caterina Perry

Founder of Your Success Unlimited Inc. 

If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you three things. 

1) I'm a storyteller
2) I am passionate 
3) I am strategic

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Over the lifetime of my career, I have found that stories have an innate ability to inspire, engage, and motivate.

Engagement and Empathy: Storytelling fosters a deep emotional connection, making the support experience more relatable and supportive.

Clearer Pathways: Complex career concepts are simplified through stories, enabling visualization of goals and the steps needed to achieve them.

Confidence and Inspiration: Sharing stories of individuals who have overcome challenges and how they did it to achieve remarkable success, instills confidence that you too can pursue your dreams.

Personalized Guidance: Every story is tailored to your unique journey, providing targeted insights and actionable strategies.


I am very passionate about supporting women leaders.


It’s because I struggled with imposter syndrome, a phenomenon where individuals doubt their accomplishments and fear being exposed as "frauds."

It affects both men and women, but research suggests that women experience it more frequently in professional settings.

Women tend to internalize their doubts and question their capabilities. This internalization can be challenging to overcome, even when external barriers are removed.

It saddens me when I meet a woman who has done amazing things and yet she attributes her success to luck or external factors rather than own her achievements.


I‚Äôm not content with haphazard activities when it comes to career development. Nor do I subscribe to the ‚Äúit‚Äôs impossible‚ÄĚ school of thought. I believe that something is only impossible until someone figures out how to do it, and I'm very creative and look for outside the box ideas.

I definitely do not believe in a one size fits all philosophy and approach every situation with a high level perspective. I challenge limiting beliefs and partner with my clients, providing them with whatever support they need, which can be coaching, training, mentoring, or consulting.

Moreover, it's really important for me to provide practical and tactical tools, resources, and strategies that can be used effectively.

My goal is to empower women to confidently achieve their career objectives and unleash their full potential.

What makes me different ...

As a Career Strategist, I guide individuals through every facet of their professional journey, meticulously crafting personalized roadmaps based on evidence and tailored to the client's aspirations. I skillfully dissect industry trends, assess market demands, and evaluate distinct skill sets to construct comprehensive, strategic plans that pave the way for achieving ambitious career goals.

Advancement Agent: This is a term that I made up to explain my vested approach to helping someone achieve their career goals. I blended the roles of agent and mentor to create a dynamic partnership with my client. The payment structure for this support echoes this alignment and underscores my confidence in my methodologies and my dedication to driving real results. Please note however that this support requires a unique level of trust, motivation, and collaboration with my clients, therefore not everyone is suitable.

As a Leadership Strategist, I draw from my own leadership journey to support and empower other leaders in their ability to navigate challenges, develop effective strategies, enhance their decision-making, and cultivate leadership qualities. Through a series of highly interactive and confidential sessions, I  provide constructive feedback, objective insights, and professional support. I empower leaders to overcome obstacles and confidently navigate whatever situation they find themselves in. 

Emotional Intelligence Coach: In the realm of emotional intelligence, I serve as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Much like a detective unravelling a mystery, I delve into the depths of the human psyche, decoding emotions, and unravelling the complexities that often lie beneath the surface, fostering self-awareness, and honing the skills necessary for navigating the complex landscape of interpersonal relationships. My approach involves creating a safe and judgment-free space where individuals can explore their emotions, understand their triggers, and develop a profound awareness of their emotional landscape. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, I tailor my coaching strategies to address specific emotional challenges. Whether it's managing stress, enhancing communication skills, or cultivating resilience. Together, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and skill development, unlocking the potential for profound emotional mastery and enriched relationships.

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Josee Laroche

I have been blessed to attend a few Conferences with Caterina and I can attest to how qualified and skilled she is. Her inner beauty and strength make her an amazing Coach to anyone looking for one. Do take this opportunity if you are not already certain. I always had an immense respect for her and looked up to her throughout my own career.
Bellissima, Caterina Perry, You totally ROCK!

A little more about me

While I have been supporting job market candidates since 1996, it was always ‚Äúon the side‚ÄĚ of very challenging leadership roles. You can check out my linkedIn profile for details.

I mention the challenging jobs because it helps me explain how it came to be that I wrote a book. Over the course of my career, I  journaled to help me process difficult experiences. My journal ended up evolving into a reflective memoir and then finally into a how-to guide to empower others.  Check out the trailer.

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Driven by a passion => Fuelled by innovation

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Some of my credentials …

  • 20+ yrs experience as a Career Strategist supporting career challenges faced by military and Veteran families
  • Certified Life Success Consultant, by the renowned Bob Proctor (Master expert on how the mind works)
  • Authorized to conduct BarOn EQ Emotional Intelligence and Personality Dimensions Assessments and Coaching¬†
  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practioner with a Certificate in the Foundations of Neuroleadership
  • Training Developer and Synchronous Learning Expert
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Meet My Eagle's Network

I see leaders as Eagles and believe in surrounding myself with them.  

Eagles have a vision - An eagle spreads its wings and uses the current to soar to get the best view. 

Leaders soar with their minds to create grand visions which they then lead others to manifest into reality.

Eagles are fearless - Eagles surrender to the size or strength of their prey. 

Leaders have the courage to fail. They are calculated and breathe through their fears. Leaders have confidence that they will prevail, even if it requires them to bounce back from their setbacks. 

Eagles nurture their young - No member of the bird family is gentler or more attentive to its young ones than eagles.
Leaders care about people. They encourage and empower others around them. 

Barb Bragg

A certified expert in evaluating and creating an environment of individual, team and organizational trust, Barb has a long history of being able to take complex issues and reduce them down to operationally digestible pieces.  Combined with her understanding and expertise related to the complexities that affect Military Family Resource Centre leaders, she is a sought-after resource.

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Christiana Stevens

Christiana is a thought leader who partners with and advises CEO and Senior Executives during times of change and transformation. An experienced Change Agent, skilled at setting and implementing visions, to transform and modernize services and programs. Specialized in Talent Strategies, Engagement, Recognition and Organization Learning, Employee, Team, and Leadership Development.

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Lucie Lapierre

An influential leader and senior HR professional with well over 20 years of experience navigating federal government, military and Veteran support operations, financial planning, insurance, recreational, fitness and retail industries; union and non-unionized environments.

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Joanne Blake

Nationally known speaker, trainer, coach, author and corporate image consultant.  Joanne is one of only 200 image consultants worldwide who holds a professional designation from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

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Susan Patterson

Shaping potential growth, Susan is a Master Facilitator of Personality Dimensions.  She is qualified to train individuals to administer Personality Dimensions assessments and facilitate Personality Dimensions workshops.

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