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Your Success Unlimited uses a scientifically supported, holistic brain-based approach to facilitate enhanced workplace performance, learning and development through a combination of coaching, mentoring, training, and consulting.


Tailored, performance-enhancing thought partners, providing real-time support for leaders to maximize personal and professional potential through lazer-focused goal-setting, support and accountability for maximum impact.


Signature on demand and self-paced training programs where participants can enhance their skills, be supported by a community, expand their professional network, and engage with others on a similar personal or professional development journey. 


Custom-designed, live and virtual, training developed to address your specific challenges, needs and organizational requirements. Our team of learning experts tailor training that provides the best return on your time and investment. 


Experts in recruitment, YSU supports leaders in the transition to a new role or job by priming them for today's job market. Our team is also able to streamline the executive recruitment process by doing the heavy lifting for organizations seeking leaders.

Team of Experts

We harness the power of a dedicated network of accomplished and passionate professionals to collaborate with our clients to determine where and how we can support your unique needs. Our expertise comes from being in the trenches.

Meet the team


  • Leaders who want to advance their skills to a new level 
  • Leaders who have a desire to achieve more
  • Leaders who will be leading change
  • New Leaders


  • Leaders experiencing professional obstacles 
  • Leaders struggling with challenging staff
  • Leaders who require performance enhancements or corrections
  • Leaders suffering from "Imposter Syndrome" and/or lack of confidence
  • Leaders experiencing burnout
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What our customers are saying ...

"I have appreciated the change management that Caterina has provided me during a time of transition at Esquimalt MFRC. When I have an HR or organizational issue, Caterina is my "go to" for sage advice. "

Jackie Carle
Executive Director Esquimalt MFRC

"Caterina's coaching resulted in tectonic (explosive) breakthroughs."

Catherine Priestman
CEO, CP Business Solutions

"I now make 1 1/2 times what I was making"

Anna Lang
Senior Manager, Compliance BMO Bank of Montreal

"Highly effective coach, whose warmth and special listening skills make her stand out amongst many. I feel very privileged to have been coached by her. I recommend her to my clients and associates. "

Gudrun MacKinnon
Energy Jewelry Artist

"I wasn't aware that I was underselling myself and not presenting my experience in a way that would set me apart from other candidates. Caterina Perry's extensive knowledge took the content of my resume from generic to impressive and allowed me to present my skillsets in the best light possible. My resume at the end sounded so incredible, it was hard to believe it was mine! Going through that process was a huge confidence booster for me. What I've learned is an invaluable and worthwhile investment throughout my career. "

Rachel Bellringer
Data Coordinator at Canada Forces Morale and Welfare Services

"As a new leader, I am incredibly grateful to learn from someone with proven success."

Sabrina Fanelli
National Accounts Associate, BMO Global Asset Managenent

"I can't believe how much I've accomplished. I had no idea that the only thing that was holding me back was me. Coaching opened my eyes and changed my perspective of myself and my life. "

Rose Rose
Uniquely Rose

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