Susan Patterson

Personality Dimensions Master Trainer

Susan Patterson is a Personality Dimensions ® Master Trainer and Author of Virtually Everything – A Building Blocks Companion Guide. 

Since 1997, Susan has supported individuals to be the best they can be. Everyone has their own style, preferences and ways of living. Susan qualifies professionals to be able to assess and facilitate personality workshops.

A word from Susan:

In 1990, I took a workshop and was introduced to my distinctive personality strengths and stressors. What an ah-ha moment – I got it, light bulb! I was hooked. My life was never the same. My mission is to bring this amazing information forward: to ignite your spark to shaping your potential growth, to be the best you can be.

I believe one of the keys to effective communication is having the ability to truly understand and connect with others. By understanding your own thinking style and that of others, you can substantially increase your chances for successful communication in any situation. 

I bring to you over 30 years in human services in both non-profit and corporate sectors.

During my diverse career, I have worked in insurance, education, government, hospitality and personal growth development. I am a business owner, trainer, facilitator, lay chaplain, personal coach and licensed wedding officiant.


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