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With the world of work constantly changing and becoming more complex, leaders are being challenged like never before. A lack of self-confidence, a fear of failure, maintaining authenticity, humble self-promotion, impatience, resistance to new ideas, overcoming impostor syndrome, and working in unhealthy work environments can be potential roadblocks to success.

Your Success Unlimited (YSU) is committed to equipping you with practical tools, strategies and skills to handle current and future workplace challenges with resilience, whether that is:

  • enhancing your performance and leadership effectiveness in your current role, or
  • helping you establish and implement an exit strategy for a new role 

Leverage the combined power of a Career Strategist, Advancement Agent and Leadership Coach

Your personalized plan can include one or multiple areas of focus:


Elevate your leadership acumen by understanding the intricacies of the human brain and its impact on teams and organizational dynamics. 

Acquire essential knowledge and tools to transform your workplace through adept decision-making, efficient problem-solving, emotion regulation, collaborative process, and change facilitation.

Empower yourself as a leader who navigates complexities with a scientific approach, fostering a productive and harmonious work environment.

Emotional Intelligence

Increase your ability to stay calm under pressure and handle stress by understanding and leveraging emotions and motivations.

Enhance your ability to influence others so that you can effectively resolve conflicts, garner cooperation and boost negotiation skills for better workplace relationships. 

Understand and interpret workplace behaviours to create a culture of team trust and loyalty for peak career performance.  


Knowing some of the ways we are different assures us that we are okay with our own uniqueness and that we aren’t alone in some of our idiosyncrasies.

Understanding our values, strengths, joys and stressors and those of everyone else we have a relationship with provides a great foundation for meaningful and productive interactions.

Leverage knowledge of personalities to gain a better understanding of yourself and others. 

Career Transitions

An assessment of your past resumes and interview skills will determine our starting point. 

The magic begins with a personalized strategy and hyper-focused attention on the areas you need to work on.

I'll be there for you throughout the process to craft and implement an exit strategy that includes exactly what you need to  increase your competitive edge in the job market and achieve success.

Let me support you through this journey.

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Supporting Your Leadership

Individually tailored, performance-enhancing thought partner, providing real-time support for leaders to maximize personal and professional potential. Well suited for leaders who:
  • want to advance their skills to a new level through private professional development support
  • are experiencing professional obstacles or are leading through change
  • are suffering from imposter syndrome

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Structured Signature Coaching Programs

Your Confidence Unlimited

A self-discovery and brain-altering journey to unshakeable personal, leadership and career confidence.


  • Your Perception of Reality
  • Undersanding Your Mind
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • Leveraging Neuroscience

Taking Inventory:

  • Master Career Resume
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Dimensions of Personality
  • Embracing Your New Beliefs

Embracing Reality

  • Becoming a Goal Achiever
  • Showcasing Your Best Self
  • Enhancing Resilience
  • Introducing the New You
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Emotionally Intelligent Neuroleader

A leadership empowerment program that elevates your impact through heightened emotional intelligence and adoption of a neuroscience lens to workplace behaviour.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Dimensions of Personality
  • Understanding Your Mind
  • Social Threats and Responses
  • Solving Problems & Decision Making
  • Anatomy of the Brain
  • Leading Through Change
  • Peak Leadership Performance
  • Stress and the Arousal Curve
  • Character-based Leadership
  • Workplace Culture Transformation
  • Work / Life Balance

This coaching program will unlock your true leadership potential by elevating your leadership impact and striking the perfect balance between personal growth and professional success. Let's take this transformative journey together.

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Accelerating Your Career Advancement

Empowering you to reclaim control over your career path to a better job - You have more to offer than you think. Designed for a leader who is currently:
  • in a position that no longer serves you, but your resume and job market skills require updating
  • working in a toxic or unhealthy work environment and needs an exit
  • under-employed and feeling stuck

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What clients are saying...

Anna Lang

After being a loyal employee at the same company for more than 20 years, I was feeling underappreciated, underpaid and ready to make a move. Caterina helped me out of my comfort zone so that I could apply for internal jobs that I was interested in but didn't necessarily have every qualification or experience they were looking for. As a result, I am now making more than 1 1/2 times what I used to make, breaking into a 6-figure salary level. The best part is that I remain a loyal employee of the same company.

Aubrie Lynn Johnson

Understanding how resumes are screened and interviews are scored was a huge eye-opener for me. I was able to land an offer for a great job and then Caterina helped me negotiate an offer increase of $30K. That may not be a lot for some people, but it was for me. It was a whopping 30% over the original offer. I can't even calculate the return on my investment it was so high. 

Rose Arico-Rose

Going back to work after taking years off to care for my children was incredibly intimidating. Working with Caterina made it so much easier. She not only helped me with my resume. She helped me negotiate my offer.  I still get support from Caterina, but now it's helping me in the role that I landed. 

Rachel Bellringer

I wasn’t aware that I was underselling myself and not presenting my experience in a way that would set me apart from other candidates. Afterwards, my resume sounded so incredible, it was hard to believe it was mine! Going through that process was a huge confidence booster for me.  What I’ve learned is invaluable and was such a worthwhile investment. 

Trevor McMahon

I can't believe it. I was so happy and impressed with how my resume presented me as a candidate. What I wasn't expecting is how much power my cover letter had.  When I went for the interview, they told me that it was one line in my cover letter that made them pick up the phone and call me. I went for the interview and landed the job in one sitting.  Then I used the negotiation gambits that Caterina taught me to negotiate a great compensation package and maximum flexibility with my hours of work.  


Working together with:
  • someone who has LANDED HER DREAM JOB over and over again, often against others who were way more qualified
  • a sought-after Leadership Coach and Career Strategist
  • an expert in the field of recruitment  
You'll gain: 
  • substantially increased self-confidence in your ability to self-market
  • a partner who is invested in seeing you land and succeed in the job. 

My favourite successes...

It's not uncommon for my clients to seek out support because they either never participated in an actual job competition and/or haven't gone through a recruitment process in years. This is typical for people who were lucky enough to have a job handed to them or perhaps a military member transitioning to the civilian workforce. This can lead to a lack of confidence or questions regarding current-day tactics and expectations.

In one such situation, I worked with the client over a period of time to regain her confidence. Working together, I helped the client identify opportunities to consider, adjusted the client's resume for each position applied for, primed her with mock interviews, and even helped the client negotiate a great offer. 

In a different situation where the goal was to relocate to a different city, my client was regularly warned that preference would be given to local candidates. She also heard that her experience did not appear relevant to the job she was applying for, yet she was applying for positions that were directly related to her background. 

The client reached out to me and I prepared her resume so that it presented her as a "perfect candidate". Additionally, I developed and designed a showcase portfolio that boosted my client's competitive edge. The employer was so impressed, they halted the recruitment process to ask other applicants to produce a portfolio of their own. My client landed a job offer against very stiff competition.

My client interested in a high-level position at the company she worked for was advised that she was not ready for such a position.

Working with me over a six-month period, I coached the client with the goal of repairing the impression that she made. I took a holistic approach and focused on: projecting confidence, professional presence, dressing for success, verbal and non-verbal communication, and building trust and rapport to influence others with ease.

The company's General Manager was so impressed with the transformation, that my client landed the promotion she was seeking and had deserved. 

My client came to me devasted that she would be relocating and giving up a great job that she had. In her initial efforts to find a job, the client reached out to a "labour market expert" in the community she was relocating to. That "expert" told my client that she would never find a job in her male-dominated field of work and that she needed to be realistic and settle for a job in administration. The client had heard about me and reached out to her.

During a 3-month premium support period, I had the time necessary to challenge the "labour market expert's" assertion. With the information gathered, I reworked my client's resume, resulting in the client being invited for an interview. I then primed my client for her interview. This support resulted in the client not only securing a job in her male-dominated field but at a salary that was higher than the great job she had given up.

In another case, my client wanted to relocate from Canada to the United States and land a job with a specific company that was not hiring at the time. This was a very bold goal.

While I prepared the client's resume in a manner that best reflected my client's value to the organization he wanted to work for, the focus of support was primarily related to the interview. I put my client through several gruelling mock interviews, each designed in a different style. I wanted him to be ready for anything. The mock interviews afforded my client the ability to gain their confidence and become comfortable "selling" their value. This was critical as it was what the client needed to do.  Each interview refined my client's abilities to answer questions and increased their confidence. Within six months, and after a few interactions with the company, my client received an offer, got their green card and moved to the United States. 

Someone asked me to review his wife’s resume as they could not understand why she was not getting interviews. It took me less than a minute to pinpoint the problem.

I believe that the goal of a resume is singular, to land you an interview. Unfortunately, candidates are seldom taught how to accomplish this goal.

I spent time teaching my client how to write "the perfect resume" and yes there is such a thing as a perfect resume. It just may not be what you think. My client learned how to adjust her resume and immediately began landing interviews. The best part was the client never needed help from another coach. I gave her the skills necessary to succeed.

Some clients want me to 100% write their resume, others are looking for me to merely evaluate their resume to identify what they don't see, and others still are looking for subtle tweaks and enhancements.

A client came to me because he was not getting screened for federal government job openings. 

I taught this client how federal job applications are screened and showed the client a different approach to preparing his resume.

The client screened through for an interview the very next time he submitted his resume.

My client didn't think they could negotiate their salary.

With my help, the client realized that she was making a lot of assumptions and that she had more ability to negotiate than she thought. Using tactics that I taught the client, she negotiated a salary that was substantially over the original offer.

My client wasn’t getting serious attention during interviews due to a very childlike-sounding voice. 

While I primed my clients with a series of mock interviews, I also arranged for my client to work with a voice coach. The goal was achieving long-term success both with respect to landing a job, but also to be taken seriously at work

My client was offered a higher-level position at the company where she worked but something was bothering her about the details of the offer.

After working with me to prepare for offer negotiations, the client used my offer analysis details to make a decision that the extra money was not worth the added stress and responsibility. The client confidently declined the offer which would afford her a better work/life balance and quality of life.

My client was trying to land a significant role in another province.

I supported all aspects of the recruitment process: wrote their resume, conducted mock interviews and provided the candidate detail analysis and tactics for offer negotiations. During negotiations, the client had me behind the scenes helping her. The support that I provided allowed the client to accept the offer at a salary that was substantially higher than the original offer. 

My client requested help to get a promotion because she thought that constant movement up the corporate ladder is what you are "supposed to be striving for".

I use a holistic coaching style to delve into the client's beliefs and values. In so doing, the client realized that the promotion she was seeking would have resulted in losing all the things she loved about her current job. My client chose to remain in the position that she loved and thrived in and has never regretted the decision.