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With the world of work constantly changing and becoming more complex, leaders are being challenged like never before. A lack of self-confidence, a fear of failure, maintaining authenticity, humble self-promotion, impatience, resistance to new ideas, or overcoming impostor syndrome, can be potential roadblocks to leadership success.

Your Success Unlimited (YSU) is committed to equipping leaders with practical tools, strategies and skills to handle current and future workplace challenges with resilience.


4 - 6 - 12 - 24 - 36 sessions towards achieving peak career performance
*ongoing access to individually tailored, performance-enhancing thought partners, providing real-time support to maximize personal and professional potential



  • Leaders who want to advance their skills to a new level 
  • Leaders who have a desire to achieve more
  • Leaders who will be leading change
  • New Leaders


  • Leaders experiencing professional obstacles 
  • Leaders struggling with challenging staff
  • Leaders who require performance enhancements or corrections
  • Leaders suffering from "Imposter Syndrome" and/or lack of confidence
  • Leaders experiencing burnout
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For Accomplished Leaders

  • Improve self-awareness to better leverage strengths, create an opportunity to prioritize areas for growth and establish new behaviours
  • Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness that can occur from the need to maintain professional boundaries and can lead to burnout
  • A feeling of security that comes from access to an experienced confidant who can provide individualized support and consultation for challenges faced in a private, unthreatening environment
  • Receive constructive feedback and alternate, neutral perspectives that can expose blind spots and challenges that the leader may not be able to recognize on their own
  • Overcome feelings of self-doubt and/or symptoms of the imposter syndrome to increase self-confidence and reduce stress.
  • Increased commitment, enthusiasm, and passion for their work

For New or Aspiring Leaders

Being matched with an accomplished leader, with a proven record of success sets the stage for success, using a combination of training, coaching, and mentoring:

  • Accelerates the orientation into a new leadership role building momentum and productivity
  • Prevent pitfalls that accomplished leaders are already aware of
  • Can build missing skillsets that can dampen leadership efforts

Going from effectively doing your job to becoming a leader is not as easy as some might like to believe. Leadership is not an intuitive trait that most new leaders come to the table with. For some, it may be a very intimidating experience. For others it can be a rude awakening.

  • Renewing workplace passion positively affects the organizational  retention rate of leaders
  • Reduce the cost of burnout
  • Increased productively
  • Enhanced management skills
  • Prevention of costly obstacles in areas such as: interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, change management, time management, decision making, goal setting, and team leadership
  • Demonstrates a commitment to professional development

Potential Areas of Focus

Single-focus or Multi-focus


There's a feeling of security that comes from having someone on your side, providing you with unwavering encouragement along the way. It increases your commitment, enthusiasm, belief in your goal and exponentially builds your confidence and speeds up your success.  

Work with a coach to develop a plan of action, receive constructive, unbiased feedback from a perspective focused on your success and be held accountable to help you break through your comfort zones.  

Emotional Intelligence

Increase your ability to stay calm under pressure and handle stress by understanding and leveraging emotions and motivations.

Enhance your ability to influence others so that you can effectively resolve conflicts, garner cooperation and boost negotiation skills for better workplace relationships.

Understand and interpret workplace behaviours to create a culture of team trust and loyalty for peak career performance. 

Executive Presence

This is a skill that can be cultivated with knowledge, coaching and practice. It has always existed, but in recent years, it has reemerged as a top leadership quality.

Radiate confidence, and project poise with an air of authority and credibility while remaining authentic.

Coaching focus can include: identifying your personal brand, polishing your visual image, enhancing communication skills, savvy networking, and etiquette fundamentals.

Career Transition

Work with a coach and mentor who is a recruitment expert. They will prime you for a drastically and constantly changing job market. 

Identify your goal and be empowered with the knowledge of behind-the-scenes processes and tactics so that you can substantially increase your competitive edge. You will also receive support to prepare the perfect resume and participate in mock interviews to build your confidence and ensure success.

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Leadership burnout is all too common in today's world of work. Unfortunately, most leaders don't have the luxury of taking a break from work to recover or even to have the mental energy to reflect on how they can adopt a better work-life balance.  

Burnout affects your performance as a leader and can lead you down a vicious cycle. Working with a wellness coach who takes your unique personality into account can significantly accelerate your return to a state of optimal wellness. 



Getting ready to retire is not just about having all your finances in order. It's about being prepared for the psychological impact of a significant change in how you have been living your life. 

Leaders work hard and tend to expect a vacation-like state of nirvana upon retirement. The reality is that after a period of rest, many professionals feel a loss of identity and struggle. Working with a coach will allow for a smooth transition into the next chapter of your life.  

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Schedule a 30-minute call at your convenience to discuss your unique needs and get answers to any questions you may have.


During the consultation, we talk about the situation, what's working and what's not.  Goals and objectives are discussed to assist the formulation of a plan forward.


You may be asked to complete one or more initial assessments to help your coach identify a starting point and help you identify your priorities.  


The length of the journey is dependent on the goal(s) and agreed-upon objectives. Virtual sessions reduce the time away from work. 

Variety of Development Assessments

Data is only meaningful if you know when and how to use it. Our experts support the support process and development of steps to fully leverage results.

EQ-i2.0 measures emotional and social skills using self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal, decision-making, and stress management. 

Personality Dimensions™ is the next step in the evolution of temperament and personality theory. Based on a foundation of solid research, it gives you a better understanding of yourself, your strengths, values, needs, and how you perceive the world. 


Unlike a typical leadership assessment, a 360 leadership assessment takes into account feedback from your peers to evaluate your leadership skills, influence, overall effectiveness, and other key competencies relating to leadership. The Leadership Circle Profile is unique because it is the only 360 assessment that measures both Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies. In this way, it gives the leader far greater insight into how they are thinking and what they are doing that limits the full deployment of creative competencies.

Creative Competencies

Well-researched competencies measure how you achieve results, bring out the best in others, lead with vision, enhance your development, act with integrity and courage, and improve organizational systems. The next step on your pathway to Integral Leadership.

Reactive Tendencies

Leadership styles emphasize caution over creating results, self-protection over productive engagement, and aggression over building alignment. These self-limiting styles focus on gaining the approval of others, protecting yourself, or getting results at the expense of others.

Internal Operating System

A leader’s unique Operating System: Internal Assumptions (beliefs) that run behaviour in both domains. See how the inner world of thought translates into a productive or unproductive style of leadership. The Leadership Circle Profile increases awareness to create change in behaviour.


Lumina Spark reveals your whole personality, providing a unique portrait of who you really are. Increase self-awareness, reveal hidden potential and cope better under pressure.

Learn where trust stands in your leadership and your team and where more work needs to be done.

  • Leadership Assessment
  • Team Assessment
  • Organizational Assessment 

Reina’s Trust Scales measure Trust of Capability™, Trust of Character™ and Trust of Communications™

The Trust Quotient is a personal 360° assessment sent to direct reports, peers, and boss. This tool is included in the Leading at the Speed of Trust Participant Kit. The leader receives feedback in the context of the 5 Waves of Trust, including their perceived performance relative to the 4 Cores of Credibility and the 13 Behaviors of High Trust.

Facilitated completion of a SWOT to identify personal strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats that the leader faces.

Data is only meaningful if you know how to use it. Knowing what steps to take fully leverages assessment results.


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