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Now That the Candy's Gone: Mastering the Art of Self-Confidence E-book

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What began as a journal to help me process challenging experiences in my life and career has evolved into a reflective memoir and how-to guide to empower others to go from surviving to thriving. The book delves into the limiting beliefs that women frequently face in their lives and shares key strategies to develop an area overlooked: emotional intelligence. Honest, bold, and vulnerable, this book is for anyone wanting to take the next step to achieve their dreams. Are you ready?

Table of Contents

  1. The Candy's Gone:  Now What?
  2. Don't Look: I'm an Imposter
  3. Accidentally Joining the MIlitary:  Never Say, "I can't"
  4. What's Wrong With Me? The Voice in My Head
  5. Learning: Life Has Rules
  6. The Likability Factor: Understanding Humans 
  7. Becoming a Recruiter: Ethically Hacking the Job Market
  8. Braking Through: The Terror Barrier
  9. Brace for Impact: You Will Fail
  10. Destiny Is in Your Hands: Just Imagine