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Military Family Resource Centres (MFRC's)

Executive Director or Board Chair Support

An ongoing relationship with a leadership professional who brings extensive experience in military family services and leadership development to support real-time needs, expose blind spots  and provide support during challenging times or when dealing with  sensitive issues

6, 12, or 24 sessions

Weekly, biweekly or monthly

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Areas of focus include:

Change Leadership | Conflict Resolution | Elevating Leadership Skills  | Morale and Culture Enhancements | Managing Difficult Teams | Recovery from Burnout | Managing Expectations

Customized Training and Support

Solutions designed with a thorough understanding of the intent and implementation requirements of the 2020+ Military Family Services Program Strategic Framework: Foundations, Philosophy and Implementation.

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2020+ MFSP Strategic Framework Foundations

Foundations and Philosophy: Ensuring Relevancy in a Changing World, Foundations, Strategic Framework, Evaluation, Changing our Lens, Community Capacity Building, Posting Cycle Approach, Outcomes, and Purposeful Programming

2020+ MFSP Strategic Framework Service Flow

Level 1: Information and Awareness: What's Changed, Intake, Welcome Calls, Service Flow

Level 2: Navigational Support: What's changed, Intake/Referral, Outreach Calls, and Service Flow

Level 3: All Team Workflow in Action: Bringing it all together

Inside the MFRC Boardroom-Tactical Level

Define your path toward board excellence and get the skills needed from experts who already know the complex environment in which the Board governs. 

Deep dive into pressing site-specific requirements and issues. 

We live and breathe military family support, taking complex issues and simplifying them to create transformational learning experiences in both on-site and virtual environments.

As known and trusted MFRC partners, we do not require orientation to the unique challenges that MFRCs face.

The Military Lifestyle Support Professional

The original 20-week Military Lifestyle Support Professional certification program has been split into two levels:

Self-paced, 6-module, on-demand, virtual training designed to establish foundational knowledge regarding the military and Veteran family community: the lifestyle, the challenges and the support networks.

Ideal candidate: Military and Veteran community support professionals

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This 12-week program is designed for those who have mastered the foundations and are ready to set a high standard of excellence in support of military and Veteran families.

Training objectives are aligned with the 2020+ Military Family Service Program 2020+ Strategic Framework

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Inside the MFRC Boardroom

Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to contribute to your Board's success.

Build awareness of potential challenges and crises to avoid common mistakes.

Understand the important roles that Boards and staff have.

Recognize the interconnectedness, risks and opportunities for collaboration between stakeholders

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Launches: Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Special Discount if enrolled by Dec 31, 2022









Foundations of Governance

Designed for busy lifestyles, this MFRC Board professional development program lays the groundwork to get everyone confident in their knowledge and abilities to support a well-functioning Board.

Tactics and Strategies

The next level in support of MFRC Boards is in the development phase.  This is where we can deep dive and laser focus on your site-specific requirements and challenges affecting your Board.

Trusted Experts

Finding experts in Board Governance may be easy; what's not easy is finding experts who also understand the complexities of supporting military communities. Leverage monthly Q&A / support calls for maximum success.

Personality Dimensions 

... is a human relations tool based on leading-edge research into human motivation and behaviour.

Personality Dimension workshops have been successfully used to support military and Veteran family resilience.

Workshops are customized to support:

  • Change and Transition
  • Parenting
  • Intimate Partner Relationships
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Conflict Resolution
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In order to use Personality Dimensions®, individuals must first become a Certified Personality Dimensions® Trainer. The Certified Trainer (Level I) Qualifying Program is an opportunity for facilitators to add a new dimension to their facilitator toolkit.

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Executive Director Recruitment

Experts in both recruitment and what it takes to be an Executive Director of an MFRC. YSU works hand in hand with the Board of Directors to secure the best candidate for the job.

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Recruitment Plan

Identification of Hiring Needs

Job Description Review

Recruitment Strategy

Advertising and Head Hunting

Candidate Screening

Pre-candidate Interviews

Candidate Performance Testing

Reference Checks

Offer Negotiations

Success Acceleration

New Leader Change Management

Interdependent Stakeholder Orientation

Military and Veteran Family Landscape
2020+ Strategic Framework Familiarization

360 Performance Appraisal and Feedback

For Executive Director


Provides well-rounded input from more than one source thereby reducing discriminatory tendencies and bias

Improves individual accountability

Establishes areas for career development


Feedback is secured from up to 12 stakeholders, as well as the candidate themselves, to provide a comprehensive report overviewing efficiency, productivity, contributions, and work behaviour.

Includes training for the Executive Director about how to use the report.


Rating competency criteria, feedback questions, stakeholder selection and period of evaluation are determined in collaboration with the Board of Directors.

A variety of psychometric assessments can be added to the process if desired. 



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