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Military Family Resource Centres (MFRC's)

Executive Director or Board Chair Support

An ongoing relationship with a military familly services and leadership professional  to support real-time needs, expose blind spots and provide support during challenging times or when dealing with sensitive issues

12, 24 or 36 sessions

Weekly, biweekly or monthly

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Change Management | Conflict Resolution | Elevating Leadership Skills  | Morale and Culture Enhancements

Customized Training and Support

Solutions designed with a thorough understanding of the intent and implementation requirements of the 2020+ Military Family Services Program Strategic Framework: Foundations, Philosophy and Implementation.

  • We live and breathe military family support
  • We take complex issues and simplify them to create transformational learning experiences
  • As known and trusted MFRC partners, we do not require orientation to the unique challenges that MFRCs face
  • Offer on-site and virtual training
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Military Lifestyle Support Professional Certification Program

This 20-week program is designed to set a high standard of excellence in support of military and Veteran families.

Training objectives are aligned with the 2020+ Military Family Service Program 2020+ Strategic Framework

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Inside the MFRC Boardroom

Virtual, self-paced Board training uniquely designed for MFRC Boards of Directors.

The basic level lays the groundwork for a well-functioning Board and gets everyone on the same page. 

The tactical level dives deep into specific challenges and issues and specific and how-to tactics and strategies to deal with them. 

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Inside the MFRC Boardroom - Coming Soon!









Executive Director Recruitment

Experts in recruitment and what it takes to be an Executive Director of an MFRCs working hand in hand with the Board of Directors to secure the best candidate for the job.

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Recruitment Plan

Identification of Hiring Needs

Job Description Review

Recruitment Strategy

Advertising and Head Hunting

Candidate Screening

Pre-candidate Interviews

Candidate Performance Testing

Reference Checks

Offer Negotiations

3 month Success Acceleration

New Leader Change Management

Interdependent Stakeholder Orientation

Military and Veteran Family Landscape
2020+ Strategic Framework Familiarization


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