Christiana Stevens

Neuroscience Coach and Change Management Expert

Christiana’s keynotes, speeches and facilitation are known for their inspiring, often humorous, creative and yet provocative style.  Utilizing her expertise in listening and drawing from her experience in business, art, film and neuroscience; Christiana motivates the creative intelligence we all have and challenges people to look at their life and work as inventions.   

In her work, Christiana has been at the forefront of influencing complex organizational transformation, cultural renewal and engagement.  She holds a Master’s degree from Royal Roads University where her research focused on Listening and the way it influences our perceptions and how we view one another.

Caterina and Christiana are co-creators and leaders of the PERCEPTIONALITY™ project .  Perceptionality™ is based on the theory that all knowledge is relative to sense perception and mind cognition.  In other words, perception is the result of what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch combined with what references your mind attaches to the situation. The goal of this project is to share and examine authentic stories of leadership where there was a misalignment of perception and reality between people.  Sharing these stories help us learn to strategize around our and others perceptions, during critical moments of leading.  In that moment, perhaps we are moved toward an outcome that creates a seismic shift between people.


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