Caterina Perry

Leadership Coach and Career Strategist

Caterina is a lifelong learner with an unquenchable passion for understanding how our mind works in relation to human behaviour.  Caterina is a respected business leader who holds the following credentials:

  • Certified Life Success Consultant, by the renowned Bob Proctor
  • Certified Synchronous Learning Expert
  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practioner with a Certificate in the Foundations of Neuroleadership
  • Certified in the area of Board Governance by Telfer School of Business, University of Ottawa and Smith School of Business, Queens University
  • Authorized to conduct BarOn EQ Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Coaching 

Additionally, Caterina is an expert in the recruitment process.  She worked as a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach for candidates and has logged countless hours as a Hiring Manager building competitive recruitment processes designed to reveal the best candidate for the job. This drew the attention of others and Caterina became a sought-after resource for other Hiring Managers and Human Resource professionals. Caterina has spent over 20 years and invested countless hours accumulating an arsenal of proven tools, strategies and techniques to support recruitment processes.

Caterina thrives on being able to succeed where others have failed. 

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Now That the Candy's Gone - Mastering the Art of Self-Confidence

I have spent most of my life scared that someone would figure out that I wasn't as smart as I pretended to be, that I wasn't as confident as I appeared or that I always felt like an imposter. English was not my first language so I struggled in school. My report cards always read the same; "Nice kid, isn't going to amount to much". One day, out of desperation, my mother sent me to school with candy to help me make friends. It worked like a charm - until the candy was gone that is. That is when the "friends" disappeared. That's also when I realized that I was on my own. My fate was in my hands.

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