Founder and CEO, Caterina Perry

  • Innovation: We take a holistic, high-level approach to complex problem-solving and explore uncharted territory to accomplish what others think is impossible.
  • Passion: Individually, our passion for what we do makes us the best at what we do. As a team, faith and trust in one another contributes to our collective success.
  • Inspiration: We are big thinkers who are improvement-focused. We thrive on motivating others to achieve great things. We are obsessed with quality and do not follow the paved path, but rather create a new path.

What makes YSU Different?

  • We use scientifically supported, holistic and brain-based approaches to facilitate performance, learning and development.
  • We use a variety of pre-post psychometric assessments to validate the return on investment.
  • We don't just coach. We achieve maximum results through a combination of coaching, training, consulting, and mentorship.
  • We hand select coaches who are accomplished and successful leaders and who are committed to supporting other leaders. They've been in the trenches and have proven themselves as successful leaders before they became coaches.
  • We individualize the relationship to best support the leader. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and on-demand options with ongoing access to support. 
  • We are skilled in the development of customized individual and team training to respond to unique circumstances and time restrictions. 

Meet Our Team

Some are directly employed with Your Success Unlimited, some are regularly leveraged as sub-contractors and others are referred to as trusted affiliates. Our network continuously grows.

Caterina Perry

Driven by a passion for producing extraordinary results for high potential career professionals by helping them navigate and leverage emotions for improved self-confidence, better workplace relationships and peak performance. Qualified to administer emotional intelligence, personality and other psychological assessments for coaching purposes. Author of the upcoming book, "Now That the Candy's Gone" 

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Barb Bragg

A certified expert in evaluating and creating an environment of individual, team and organizational trust, Barb has a long history of being able to take complex issues and reduce them down to operationally digestible pieces.  Combined with her understanding and expertise related to the complexities that affect Military Family Resource Centre leaders, she is a sought-after resource.

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Christiana Sevens

Christiana is a thought leader who partners with and advises CEO and Senior Executives during times of change and transformation. An experienced Change Agent, skilled at setting and implementing visions, to transform and modernize services and programs. Specialized in Talent Strategies, Engagement, Recognition and Organization Learning, Employee, Team, and Leadership Development.

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Joanne Blake, AICI CIP, CPC

Nationally known speaker, trainer, coach, author and corporate image consultant.  Joanne is one of only 200 image consultants worldwide who holds a professional designation from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

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Susan Patterson

Shaping potential growth, Susan is a Master Facilitator of Personality Dimensions.  She is qualified to train individuals to administer Personality Dimensions assessments and facilitate Personality Dimensions workshops.

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Nancy Johnson

Over 20 years with government organizations assessing workplaces. Nancy leads unbiased fact-finding investigations to help organizations mitigate risks by uncovering complex crossovers and providing recommendations through comprehensive reports. 

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